Thursday, 29 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! Christmas was just a few days ago so I've decided a good in season post I could do would be What I Got For Christmas, I'm of course not trying to brag and I am so grateful for everything I got, I LOVE IT ALL!
My main present was the HP Sprocket, I really love this present and was so excited when I opened it! It prints photos straight from your phone off an app, you can edit them anyway you want and I think it's so cool. My parents also got me a cute case for it and a little photo album for me to keep all the things I print.
Would it even be Christmas if you didn't get toiletries? I think not. This year I got loads of stuff from I Love's raspberry and blackberry collection and I'm so glad because it smells sooooo good! I also got  a "Bodycare Booster" set from French Connection and literally the marbled packaging is the cutest thing ever-I don't care how it smells, it looks amazing!
Of course, at Christmas time, everyone needs board games! I got Rapidough and Logo Billionaire, both of which I have wanted for so long and was extremely pleased when I received them. My family and I have already played both games several times and, as expected, they are so much fun!
As a book lover, I was very excited to have got a book. This one is by Holly Bourne and is about a young girl starting college who is desperate to be normal-I can't wait to read it, I'm sure it'll be a great read! Keep an eye on my blog, because I'm sure I'll do a review on it once I'm finished!
I was so overjoyed when I opened this Studio brush set from my Godparents; I've been needing new brushes for ages but just haven't got round to getting any yet-now I don't have too, these are perfect! I also love the range of colors in the Seventeen Sparkle and Shine lip gloss set, I love lip gloss and can't wait to try these out.
Oh my goodness!!! I got new Timberlands! Literally I got my first pair of Timberlands a few weeks ago and I've been so obsessed, I actually wear them everyday! So I asked for a different pair for Christmas so I don't overuse and ruin the other ones and I love this new pair, they go with everything and I'm so happy I don't have to worry about overusing any because I can now alternate between the two amazing pairs! I also got a Topshop scarf, which I was so happy with because I've lately become obsessed with scarves, and these really cute hand warmers, I just feel like all the items in the picture above all tie together to make the perfect winter warmer set-bring on the cold weather!
The last things I got were these jewellery pieces. I absolutely love the Pandora ring I think it's pretty and sparkly. I also adore the Chlobo bracelet; I love the detailing on the charm and I think it's so unique and beautiful!
I hope you enjoyed my first blog and had a Merry Christmas! Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments! Thanks for reading!
Love you all, 
Meg xx

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