Saturday, 31 December 2016

16 Things I Did In 2016

2016 hasn't exactly been the best year by far, there's been many ups and downs, many people would argue that there have been so many more downs (Trump, Brexit etc.) but I don't wanna even think about any of that! Which is why to end the year I'm going to look back at 16 things I did this year that are positive and make 2016 look just a little bit brighter!

1. Passed My GCSEs
This year I sat my GCSEs, which obviously isn't really very positive-the happy part is I actually passed! I just feel so pleased with myself and everyone else because GCSEs are hard and it is a lot of pressure so I'm so glad everyone made it through! If you have GCSEs or exams coming up, my advice is; don't panic, just work hard and do what you know you can do!

2. Started a New School
My high school didn't have a sixth form so I had to start a completely new school this September. Only six of us from my school were going and everyone in the sixth form had been through high school together for five years! It was literally so daunting but I am so glad because I love the sixth form I'm in! Everyone is just so lovely and I've made so many new friends!

3. Prom
Obviously, if I finished High School, then this year I had my prom and it was amazing! I'm gonna be honest, given I had to choose a new dress two days before, it was probably more stressful than GCSEs, but it was all worth! I had a lovely night and it was a really nice send off with so many amazing and lovely people.

4. Went to Florida
Every year, my family and I jet off to Florida and this year was no exception, off we went for the ninth time! I had such an amazing time and I feel every year it just gets better and better! It was a great family holiday and a fabulous way to spend the summer!

5. Work
During November and December, I have been employed as a Christmas Temporary in Tesco! I may only be temporary and my contract ends in a few days but I feel so proud of myself for actually getting this job and sticking it through till the end of my contract. Even though it hasn't been the most joyous experience in my life, I've earned a little extra cash and can also put it on my CV!

6. First Time in Mallorca
During the October Half Term, my mum and I decided to go to Mallorca and it was beautiful! I love to travel and have been to many places but I honestly can say I think Mallorca is possibly the most stunning place I have ever seen. The ocean was just a dream to look at and the water was so blue, it was so amazing and I feel so lucky to have been able to go!

7. Spent Time With Friends
I love my friends and I feel this year, despite moving schools in September, we've all become a lot closer. We also had a longer summer so we had plenty of opportunities to go out and try activities we had never tried before. Being apart makes the times we do get together extra special and I really love it when we have a get together!

8. Learnt to Ice Skate
I am terrified of ice, literally it is possibly one of my biggest phobias, I hate waking up on icy mornings because I really am so scared of it. However, a few weeks ago, I went ice skating with some of my friends from dance and I loved it! I also went again today with another friend. I may not be an expert and I do spend the first few rounds of the rink hanging onto the side but I do think I've gotten so much better! Today, I actually did a whole lap of the rink in the middle, nowhere near the sides.

9. Discovered Scarves
Previously, I have absolutely hated scarves; I thought they got in the way, they make you sweaty and they mess up your hair! But this autumn I decided to buy two from Primark because I was just so cold on the way too school and I have become OBSESSED! Literally wherever I go I'll have a scarf, I've got different ones to match different outfits, I love them and I honestly cannot imagine how I hated them-they're so warm and cosy.

10. Fell in Love With Fluffy Socks
Since I got my Timberlands, I decided I needed some fluffy socks to go in them so I started by just buying the one pair,  but before I knew it I'd spent £30 on fluffy socks! I now think I'm set for fluffy socks for the rest of my life, but I have no regrets because I love them so much!

11. Got a Fitbit
Yesterday, I decided to get a Fitbit been as all my friends had them and it seemed like a fun purchase. it's only been a few days but I've been walking so much more to get my steps everyday and I've had so much fun, even if this morning I got stuck ankle-deep in cow pat on one of my walks.

12. Went to a CornMaze
This year, our summer holidays were ten weeks long so my friends and I really went to town on trying to cram pack our holidays with as many activities as possible! During the summer, we visited a corn maze and it was actually a really fun day out!

13. Went to a Midnight Film Viewing
When we found out about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was coming out in cinemas, my friends and I joked about attending the midnight viewing. One thing lead to another and we actually ending up going! The film was great but I'm not going to lie, it wasn't one of our greatest ideas given we have to get up before 5:45am for school so as you can imagine the next day of school was so hard to get through after having only about two hours sleep!

14. Saw a Hammerhead Shark
When we go to Florida, we always spend a week in a house with a speedboat, so, as you can imagine, there are many long days spent speeding over the waves in the Gulf of Mexico! It's really exciting as we normally see quite exciting wildlife that one wouldn't really expect to see when you come from the UK, like dolphins, pelicans and sea turtles! But this year whilst stopping to watch the dolphins, I actually saw a hammerhead shark swim under the boat, it's so exciting to think about, especially since I love underwater creatures, I can't believe I actually saw a wild hammerhead shark!

15. Went to a Fireworks Display
My whole life, I've been extremely scared of fireworks, I think it's mainly due to the loud bangs they make. So, as you can imagine, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I got invited to a fireworks display for Bonfire Night. Despite being terrified of the main event, I decided to go along to the display because all my friends were going and I didn't want to miss out. But it turned out to be a really fun night, I'm not going to lie the fireworks were terrible and I hated them but the rest of the night was so lovely and I'm so glad I went and made some great memories!

16. Made Memories
This year, I feel I've taken up so many more opportunities and gone to more events, I've spent time with my friends every chance I got and I've tried lots of new things! I'm so glad for all these things because I've made so many new and fantastic memories!

I hope you've all enjoyed your 2016 and encourage you to focus on the good parts rather than focusing on all the disasters this year has brought, I assure you it'll make you feel far more positive going into 2017! Thanks for reading!
Love you all, 
Meg xx

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